Apple Martini Display

Jason - Wedding
Rent a Bartenders for the Night
Josh ready for service at a Holiday Party

A Sampling of Martinis

Lee at Company Party

Tony C.

Tim - New Year's Eve

Martini Bar Ice Sculpture

Rye, Tim, & Lee

Sean E. - Wedding at Eisner Museum

Martini Bar Ice Sculpture

Adam V. and James K.

Adam V. and Tim - House Party

Pomegranate Mojitos

Tom H.


CJ and Vince at Chicago Bridal Show

Some of the guys - Holiday Party

Brian H. - Valentine's

Dan S.

Dan W, Milwaukee County Zoo

Kevin & Lee - SteinFest

Brian D. - Milwaukee Art Museum

Tony D. - Office Party

Cool Martini Display

Camp Heartland Fundraiser -
1451 Renaissance Place

Martini Bar Fundraiser

Joe C. - Themed Party

Mark M. at the Schlitz Audubon Center

Jimmy "Good Times"

Outdoor Patio Bar

Casey - Outdoor Bar

Aries V. at 1451 Renaissance Place

Charleston and Tom
Martini Bar at DSHA H.S.

Chris B. - Wedding, October 2008

Mark H. - Wedding, October 2008

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Station

Bradley E. - December 2008

Bartenders On The Go

Lindsey & Leah - June 2009

John H. & B.J. - June 2009

Flavored Champagne Bar

BOTG Servers - Racine

Ice Bar Display

Mike, Paul & Adam - Janesville Wedding

B.E.D. Event - Bradford Beach 2009

Ben H. at Absolut Bar at Chicago Gourmet, 2009

Bachelorette Party, August 2009

Brad and Mark - Wine Tasting Dinner

Chris S. at Jameson Bar at Chicago Gourmet, 2009

Brodie, Zach, Aaron and Chris S.
- Classic Car Wedding

Aaron, Dennis and Vince - November 2009

C.J. - Halloween 2009

"Billy Mayes" - Halloween 2009

John "The Chick Magnet"

Josette & Caleb, John Hancock Tower
Chicago, April 2010

Adam, T.S. and Gary O

CJ & Vince - Mojito & Margarita Bar

Martini Bar Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculpture

Nate S. at Historical Society

Meaghan at a Martini Bar

Outdoor Event in Door County

Tyler, Matt, Nathan and Aaron S.
at Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Tyler Gregory & Nathana-EL

One of our Illuminated Bars

Alyssa P. - Outdoor Event at
The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center

Brodie at Bradford Beach Party

Seth K. at Mojito Bar Beach Party

Steve T. at The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center

Tommy D. at a Reunion Party

Aaron B. and Aaron S. - Outdoor Wedding

Alex E. - War Memorial Wedding

Taylor I. - Pool Wedding

Shane S. - November 2010

Brian, Nate and LeeAnn
Prohibition-Themed Party

Tom G. - December 2010

Brian T. - December 2010

Shane S. - November 2010

Jesse - Rooftop Party in Madison
Bartenders on The Go
Our vintage boat for chilling product perfect for those Lakeside wedding receptions

Catholic Memorial Fundraiser

Signature cocktail for a recent barn wedding

NA station for a Barn Wedding

Apple Martini Display

Cocktail Bar at The Pritzlaff - Milwaukee

Sam, Erik & Derek
madison bartender event planning
Logan at Ronald McDonald House
of Madison Fundraiser
Bartenders on The Go
Dan and Jon @ American Club in Kohler
Bartenders on The Go
Mike & Logan with one of our ice bars
Bartenders on The Go
Ryan and Jacob - outdoor
Lake Michigan wedding
Bartenders on The Go
Logan, Chris and Dan at Milwaukee's
Historic Pritzlaff Building
Bartenders on The Go
One of Our Yummy Craft Cocktails
Bartenders on The Go
Tim making Craft Cocktails for
a local News show
Bartenders on The Go
Matt S. At Wildcat Creek Farm
New Berlin, WI


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